Friday, December 01, 2006

Iverson fined for missing event

It sounds really simple. It didn’t cost anything for corporate sponsors and others to attend a Sixers event on Wednesday night at the Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes.

However,it cost Allen Iverson a substantial amount of money for not attending.

In fact, coach Maurice Cheeks confirmed that the Sixers’ captain was the only player not to make a mandatory appearance at the event, and announced that he “will be fined accordingly.”

As we know, the Center City event was attended by about 300 sponsors, premium seat-holders and some season ticketholders.

“We would have liked him to be there, but he wasn’t, and that was his choice,” Cheeks expressed. “I just can’t speculate on why he wasn’t there, but he wasn’t there.”

A source said that Allen Iverson was upset when he left practice earlier in the day, less than an hour after the 11 a.m. start at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

And after practice, Cheeks said Iverson had left early because he “was a little fatigued.”

Asked whether the talented player had been upset, Cheeks said, “Whatever happened between him and me, I’d like to keep that private.”

WE must consider that Iverson was coming off a 45-point performance in Monday night’s 103-91 loss in Miami in which he shot 17-for-37 from the floor. Since missing two games because of dental surgery to have an abscessed wisdom tooth removed, he has accumulated 122 points in three games, including a loss to Detroit and a victory over Chicago.


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man i heard hes getting traded, i hope he gets to a team he likes

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