Saturday, December 09, 2006

The truth about Iverson's trade

The whole country talks about Allen Iverson's trade. The player is poised to leave the Philadelphia 76ers after the club agreed to his request to be traded.

As we know, the NBA superstar has spent 11 years with the 76ers, who made him their number one draft pick in 1996, but was frozen out of their last two matches.

"As hard as it is to admit, a change may be the best thing for everyone," said the popular "Answer".

When asked if Iverson would be traded, owner Ed Snider expressed: "No question. It's time for him to move on."

Iverson, who has topped the NBA scoring charts in four separate seasons, has been a key figure for the Philadlphia 76ers.

However, despite leading them to the 2001 NBA finals, he has done little to lift them out of their current slump.

In fact, the squad have lost 12 out of their last 14 games and are rock bottom of the Eastern Conference, Atlantic Division.

It's important to say that Iverson's future appeared to have been sealed when he was told he was not needed in Friday's practice and then reportedly barred from the building.

"Head coach Maurice Cheeks told me that I did not need to come to the arena on Friday or travel to Orlando (for Saturday's game)," Iverson admitted.

"In fact, it was so disheartening to be told that I couldn't play, knowing that I was ready.

"I love the guys on the team and the city of Philadelphia. I truly wanted to retire a 76er."

Cheeks explained his decision, expresing: "I made the decision based on Wednesday's game in Chicago, where he didn't play the fourth quarter. It's just that he didn't practice (Thursday) and he didn't go through shootaround (Friday). I made the decision based on that."


Anonymous Tolentine of the Bronx said...

Philadelphia has this tragic destiny of tearing down its heroes, sacrificing them. Trading A.I. will go down as yet another fiasco in the city's history -- the sports world's equivalent of the MOVE tragedy. It's as if New York City were to trade the Statue of Liberty because it wasn't bringing the other statues up to its level.

Philadelphia does not know how to deal with greatness. A.I. is a genius and an artist. No one plays like A.I! A.I. has a lot of heart: for the game, for the city and his family.

It is unreal that A.I. can be scapegoated for the failings of others. Trade the rest of the Sixers! Trade Ed Snider! Trade all those sports writers! Just don't trade the most talented player in the game today.

I feel saddened that Iverson's tenure with the Sixers may end. I am saddened that some frustrated old men will displace Allen and his young family.

Another team will be so happy to take Allen from this grievous situation. Another city will be happy to receive this superstar. Allen will prevail.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous.Is it that bad to have an independant scoring leader on your team.This shows our problem in America with not being able to control everything around us.This man is the leading vote getter in his conference and he is being traded.His manager once stated that Iverson can be traded because even Shaq was traded to the Heat.Look what happened to L.A., they went down and Shaq got double teamed in Miami and the D Wade steeped up to the plate and brought home the NBA championship.76ers might need to change the team, but you don't have to destroy the best thing that you have going for you in order to rebuild.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

I can't believe a coach would tell a player such thing. Allen Iverson will always be my #1 NBA Basketball Player no matter what may happen. Honestly that was the only reason I liked the 76ers because of Iverson. No matter what he's #1.

1:48 AM  

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