Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Iverson scores 41 in Sixers win over Sonics

Allen Iverson did it again. He scored 41 points, and with the help of Kyle Korver and Salmons, the Sixers beated SuperSonics 107-98. The “Answer” was the reason for the victory.

Seattle's weak defence gave AI ample opportunity to dart down the lane for all the easy baskets he desired. Then, Allen scored 41 points, John Salmons had 18 points and Kyle Korver added 17 points to lead the Philadelphia 76ers beat the SuperSonics 107-98 on Monday night.

Although Iverson said he's still feels slight pain in the sprained right ankle he injured Dec. 27 at Denver, it hardly showed as he finger-rolled his way to one of his top shooting nights of the season.

"I feel a lot better with treatment and everything and I'm able to push off it like I want to," Iverson mentioned. "Once it gets loose, I'm able to move around the way I want to.

Iverson made nine points during a 19-5 run in the third quarter that gave Philadelphia a 79-60 lead. Iverson usually drove through a lane that offered almost no resistance and little reason for the All-Star to resort to his usual banging and crashing all over the court.

Iverson went 6-for-8 in third for 18 points and the Sixers shot 68 percent in the quarter.

With the easy looks, and a mid-range jumper that was on target, Iverson finished 15-for-25 from the floor and made 11 of 13 free throws.