Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Allen Iverson Transformation

Some years ago you wouldn't have thought that Allen Iverson was going to be one of the best players of the NBA. At that time he earned the reputation of the toughest little daredevil in the NBA with his relentless attack on the game. His attitude was nothing but rebellious and careless.

That's why his transformation nowadays can be labeled as astonishing. He has become one of the most talented and important basketball players in America. Iverson is now a four-time NBA scoring champ and he's averaging a career-best 33.3 points (second to Kobe Bryant's 34.1) and, at 45.2%, challenging his career best in field goal percentage (46.1%).

And that's just a piece of his latest achievements. His evolution keeps going with every game he plays. Iverson has become a great player and deserves to join the US Team. This time no one has a doubt.