Friday, January 20, 2006

Cheeks wants 76ers to improve against Grizzlies

Now that the angry team meeting with usually calm coach Maurice Cheeks is over, the Philadelphia 76ers must break out of a slump when they host the struggling Memphis Grizzlies.

Cheeks did all the talking in a 27-minute chat following the 76ers' latest loss on Wednesday, against New Jersey. The Sixers have lost seven of 10 and the first-year Philadelphia coach was fed up with his team's effort and defense.

Allen Iverson, one of the best players in the team said: ``The most I got out of it was that guys need to take a challenge to make our squad better,''. Indeed, Iverson scored 36 points, but that seems to be not enough. ``He talked about during this bad time that we're going through right now that it was important for everybody to stick together.''

It's important to notice that the 76ers have allowed more than 100 points in four straight games and have forced a total of just 14 turnovers in the last two.

``Everything we do is not going to be perfect, obviously, but we have to get better on defense,'' Cheeks said. ``I think that our offense has slipped the last couple of games, so there are a lot of things that we have to work on.''