Friday, April 28, 2006

With or without you?

The season is over for the 76ers and many fans must be wondering what can the board do to improve the squad and reach better places in the NBA. And some voices in the Basketball world started to suggest that the Sixers should get rid of many of thier players to start over again. Including Allen Iverson.

How hard can it be to see the best answer? Iverson is the soul of the Philadelphia 76ers. In fact, over 10 seasons with the team, Allen has helped to transform a near-to-death club into a perennial playoff contender. He led the Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2001 and has been an all-star for seven straight years. In addition, A.I. averaged 33 points and seven assists per game this past season. So, how could it be right to take him out of the squad?

We must admit that one of his bad sides is his age: His is already 31 and he's certainly not in his best years. Even though Allen still shows a Top-Level performance, he may not keep the pace in the nextt seasons.

But, is it enough to discard him? He strongly believe that it is not. If you can build a good team to play with him and not thanks to him, Philadelphia can reach important positions again.