Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Uncertain destination

There are new rumours about Philadelphia 76ers' Iverson moving to Boston in a two-team deal, or in a three-team swap that would bring Utah forward Carlos Boozer to Philadelphia. The Sixers also allegedly have spoken with Phoenix and New Jersey. And don't forget the Atlanta Hawks supposedly have interest in the Sixers' best players.

In fact, Sixers president and general manager Billy King, admitted only that a lot of talking takes place at this time of year.

"You just call everybody," he stated to the press. "You call people and you say, 'Let's make a deal' and just see if you can shake the bushes. But it's not initiating or getting more calls."

"When everything is written and all these rumors are out there, it makes more phone calls come in. People read the Internet and they say, 'Let me call them' because somebody wrote that we were trading with someone... . There's simply so much thrown out there."

As for Allen Iverson, King said he gets more calls about other members on his squad than he does about the popular player.

"We talk to everybody," he admits. "People have called us and we listen and you must understand that it's our job. People call about a lot of our players. It's not just particularly Allen."

However, accoring to King , he wouldn't be afraid to make a deal within the Atlantic Division.

"You've got to look at each deal and evaluate them based on what's best for you," he is convinced about his position. "If you get what you think is going to make you better, then that's what you've got to go for."