Thursday, July 06, 2006

Billy King's position about Iverson trade

Philadephia 76ers president Billy King still thinks all the options he has for a very likely trade of Allen Iverson.

"I believe that my job is to do what I think is best for this organization," King expressed. "Maybe some people disagree with what I think is best, or what our staff thinks is best. But we must listen. We can’t base it on ‘This guy is way too popular to do anything’. The thing about it is, Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) was traded. Wilt (Chamberlain) was traded. Jason Kidd was traded. A lot of clubs make decisions based on what is best for the franchise. Nobody ever thought Shaquille O’Neal would leave Los Angeles and now you see."

According to many sources, King is analyzing an offer from Golden State that would have centered around Troy Murphy, while also speaking with the Celtics in a deal that would have produced Randy Foye. But there's still many conditions to review before Iverson accepting to go.