Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sixers fall to Cavaliers

The Sixers are not having a good time this new season. They lost their fourth straight away game Saturday night, falling to 2-6 overall on the road with a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They will have two more road games before their return to the Wachovia Center, with one of them Monday night against the Miami Heat.

The latest loss was a real cause for concern. The Philadelphia 76ers went from a 13-point lead late in the first quarter to a 13-point deficit by halftime against the Cavaliers, and didn't get enough offense, defense or rebounding in the second half to make a significant dent in the Cleveland lead.

"Honestly, I felt like this was the worst loss that we've had this year," Allen Iverson said after the game.

"We just broke down in every aspect of the match, and it cost us the game. Hopefully, we can learn from it and we can get better, but this one right here is tough. I think it's the toughest loss we've had."